Scary cat.

Scary cat. *shudder* Now you’ll all have nightmares too.


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  1. I’m going to be hearing that site’s MIDI soundtrack all night now. Thank you very much… 😉

  2. Reading the related MeFi thread, I think Keith Talent came up with the key to this story: “Maybe they’re bred for flavour instead of looks?”

  3. DAMN YOU! I was eating, too. that was REALLY gross.

    what song is that? it’s in my head, too!

  4. WAIT – is it lady in red????? good lord.

  5. Holy Lord, is that thing ugly. Wow

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that kitten is cute?
    I also like hairless cats (like Mr. Bigglesworth)!

  7. yes, yes you are.
    (but hey I like people who dance to their own beat!)

  8. I think it’s kinda cute, too. And I like hairless cats like Mr. Bigglesworth. My boss at work has an older cat like the one pictured; I thinnk it looks like Gizmo the Gremlin.

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