Dog toy or marital aid?

Dog Toy or Marital Aid? I’m rather surprised to announce that I got 11 out of 14 correct! I swear it’s just because of all the time I’ve spent in the pet store getting things for the cat. Really. (Link courtesy of John.)

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  1. I got 11, too. Not sure what that says about me, considering I own a dog.

  2. i got 13 out of 14 :O

  3. Um…I got 13 out of 14. Lots of bachelorette parties lately, you know. Don’t you judge me. 🙂 I was thrown off by the big black beehive looking thing. Yep. That is ever so slightly more embarassing than guessing a marital aid as a dog toy.

  4. how sad is it that i got every single one? i’m way too into my dogs.

  5. A correspondent writes:
    the quiz results are wrong. Clearly these are all without exception marital

    So I fill it in like that and I get

    “You successfully identified 5 out of 14 items.
    You are not allowed to play with my dog.”

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