Looking Glass Cats

Looking Glass CatsLooking Glass Cats
Amy’s getting so big! Fortunately her hunger seems to be plateauing and she’s not whining for food every minute like before. She also doesn’t wolf her dinner down all at once only to puke it up five minutes later, so that’s nice too. I bought her a squeakie toy last week (out of guilt at locking her in the bathroom while we got the carpet cleaned) but she hates it. It scares the crap out of her. The only toys she really, really likes are the plastic rings from the top of peanut butter jars. I blame the Other Amy for starting that…

(I take total perverse pleasure in posting pictures of our cat, knowing that it’s such a stereotypical lame thing for a blogger to do. I can’t help it. If I have to put up with e-mails from my sister about her cancer dog’s diarrhea, you can put up with my adorable little moggie, okay?)


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  1. hey, that was private info, jerk! for your information, he’s fine now. i’m glad you were so concerned. >:(

  2. Ooooh! Dr. Amy is such an attractive lass! She’s turning into quite the pillar of society!

  3. I like how the cat is actually looking at your finger….

  4. MY finger? Did you look at the hair on that wrist? That ain’t me, sister! 🙂

  5. I meant that as sort of a general ‘your’. Not to say that you have some big hairy wrist….

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