The Ultimate Warrior’s belt!

Anybody still looking for a last minute wedding gift for my sister? She’d love a genuine Ultimate Warrior WWF Championship belt, I swear. Hee. (Link courtesy of Chandler.)


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  1. Holy Lord

    Are you kidding me? This is what my childhood as come to.

  2. NO. WAY. that is AWESOME!!! i could pin dan at the altar and arrange for the pastor to declare me the champ right then and there. what a way to kick off a life together…

    p.s. i’d totally settle for a more reasonably-priced replica.

  3. Kris, I like your sister…..

  4. Come on Amy! Granted $23,500 is a little steep, but I bet for that price you could get the man himself to deliver it. Sing a little ditty to start you crazy kids on your way….

    It would be THE coolest

  5. Did the Ultimate Warrior ever speak? I was trying to remember. I know that he was the guy that tied ribbons around his arms and had big feathery hair. (I found a fan site here.)

  6. He spoke, but you couldn’t make out a word he said. He just shouted, grunted, and ran about the place. These days, funnily enough, he makes his living as an extreme right wing speaker. No longer does he do the Gorilla Press Slam, though.

    Also, nobody bought his belt. Can you believe it? It was a goddamn bargain.

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