Tales of the Weird

Tales of the Weird
I stepped out of the break room after lunch today to be confronted by the weirdest little man: he had a ratty, pointy face; he was sporting a massive comb-over; and he was wearing an extremely fluffy white angora sweater. As my eyes adjusted to the cloud of fuzziness that was his torso, I realized with amazement that it was a woman’s angora sweater. It had puffy shoulders and everything! It was like meeting a 60-year-old Ed Wood. He started mumbling to me about angora so I took him over to the case where we keep the balls. (They’re expensive so we keep ’em under glass.) He started telling me about his beloved sweater and how he bought it for five dollars at an op shop, and how it’s his fondest wish to have another knit just like it. I went to get Losh, the other manager. “Losh,” I said. “I have a complete loony over there who wants to get a 100% angora sweater knit and I don’t know what to quote him.” So she came over to deal with him. After much hemming and hawing, she quoted him a price of $700. That’s $500 for the wool and another $200 for the knitting. Seven hundred dollars for a sweater, of which we’d need 50% upfront. Undeterred, he picked out a pattern and Losh set about measuring him. Afterwards he disappeared to “go get the money.” “He’ll never come back,” I said. “He probably just wanted some attention.” Lo and behold, an hour later he was back with the deposit. I couldn’t believe it. I deal with some characters, I tell you…


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  1. It’s like a kinky version of Wormtail!

  2. I think it’s kind of charming. The guy loves his sweater. And now he’s commissioned a replacement, even though for most the price is nutty.

    I wish I could do that for my favorite pair of pants. They’re the best.

  3. that’s pretty crazy- maybe he’s an eccentric billionaire who will be so pleased with the new sweater that he will deed you his mansion in his will.

  4. Just goes to show that money is no object when it comes to a man and his obsession. Now he has a sweater from both ends of the pricing scale… that’s when the fun really begins bwahahahaha!!!!!
    (ahem.. i’m ok now)

  5. It would’ve been charming it if was a sweet little old man with crinkly eyes, not a scary mumbly disheveled man who didn’t seem to know what he was doing. I have a horrible feeling that he’s probably spending all his retirement money on this or something. Welcome to the dark side of retail, I guess.

  6. If it makes him happy, then it can’t be anything other than good. Creepy people need sweaters too, y’know!

  7. Probably as I’m myself he dreamed so much often & since too long time to take a little bit of satisfactions all muffled from head to toe in hairy & fluffy angora, his heart & eyes cant believe when at last he found somebody to knit this “woolunderfull” wishe.I’d love to find a similar knitter near by me to make me an entire fuzzy MOHAIR cat suit…to play in & with! MdA

  8. he will get more satisfaction out of that sweater in the first 10 minutes than most could ever imagine. Then there is ALWAYS the next time.

  9. I’m a 45 year old man and would love to get someone to make me a 100% angora sweater styled for a man and loose fitting. It’s such a shame that so many people think that angora is just for women. I think more designers should make angora sweaters for men. more women should let it be known that they like men wearing angora, we are the lovers of softer things and not into BSDM, but like to pleasure women with angora and be pleasured back with soft fluffy angora.

  10. There is nothing weird in men wearing angora.
    Why don’t you search “Men’s angora sweater” (including quotes)in Google or Alta Vista? Be brave and buy one!

  11. There is a man’s angora sweater here: http://www.angoraknitforyou.com

  12. He is a lucky fellow to be able to afford $ 700. for a divine soft fussy fuzzy angora sweater like that. Sweet dreams my friend, you have arrived!!

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