Sneak peek of HP6

JK Rowling has offered up a peek at two sentences from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Any guesses who they’re talking about? My wild guess is that it’s one of Harry’s grandfathers (probably the wizarding one, as I doubt it’d be Marge’s Dad).


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  1. That’s my guess, too. Thanks for the link! Loooove me some HP.

  2. I can’t wait for the next Harry Potter book, more please….

  3. Bah. I’ll be excited when the book is finished.

    Fanfic has ruined me. I don’t know if Rowling’s canon can live up to the fanon I’ve grown accustomed to. I guess the only good thing about a new book is that more lovely fanfic will be spawned from its pages.

    I predict Harry/Draco shippers will likely have a harder and harder time justifying their existence. There wasn’t much left of Draco to redeem in the last book. He seemed just as rotten as his father.

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