Stitch and Bitch!

Me knitting in Hyde ParkWhat a beautiful bright spring day! I headed into the city (after the Snook’s and my customary Sunday brunch of pancakes, bacon, and The Amazing Race) to meet up with the Sydney Stitch and Bitch girls. Eventually there were four of us in all: me, Miss Helen, Katherine, and Belle (who is between blogs at the moment). We chatted about knitting and Australian Idol and Spiderbait and everything else under the sun. Our fabulous knitting skills also seemed to draw a lot of attention from the wandering tourists. (I think next time we should put out a hat for change. Performance knitting!) We also had a couple run-ins with ibis, which scare the crap out of me. I’d trade them for squirrels in a heartbeat! Read on for pictures of my fellow knitters.Miss Helen being menaced by an ibis
Miss Helen being menaced by an ibis…

Katherine working on a lovely Zhivago sweater sleeve…

Belle working on a scarf, possibly…

More evil ibis!
Another evil ibis tried to eat our cookies!



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  1. wheee! Thats me- and it was only a few hours ago!!

    (sorry, sometimes technology spins me out!)

    When’s the next one?

  2. I look as seedy as I felt! 🙁 I had a blast(despite the fact that I’d not had nearly enough sleep for someone with a cold!) But thanks for taking photos, and thanks to everyone for coming! That thing you are working on is so lovely, and Mum wants to know if you had maple syrup with your pancakes and bacon? xx

  3. Looks like heaps of fun. I’ll some next time, promise! Helen, keep me in the loop.

  4. We cheated, Helen, and had Dr. Atkins Pseudo-Maple Syrup on them, which tastes like maple syrup but isn’t thick and sugary. Which is pretty pointless, considering that we were having full-on carbariffic flour pancakes, but somehow we feel less guilty knowing that we’re toning it down a *little* bit.

    I’m happy to host the next one, girls, if people would rather gather somewhere where there’s a teapot and a bathroom. How often should we do this?

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