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Can I just say that our “TiFaux” has officially changed my life? Now when I watch TV, I have a whole backlog of shows that I actually want to watch! Time-shifting is the bomb. This allows me to watch a lot more TV in less time, which gives me additional good feelings because I feel, like, efficient. Recent TV thoughts:

  • Days of Our Lives – Oh my, could I have picked a better week to re-start watching Days? The Australian version has always been about four years behind the US one, which is convenient since that’s about when I stopped watching. Yet for some reason Channel 9 has decided to fast-forward through, like, 1200 episodes to catch us up to the US timeline. Thus yesterday we had Drake Hogestyn (with some nameless Aussie tart) hosting a special where they filled us in on all the storylines we’ll be missing. It was awesome. Kate married Roman? Austin jilted Sami? John and Marlena and Bo and Hope and Jack and Jen got married again? (Talk about 80’s redux.) Sheesh. At the end they filled us in on the whole “Salem Stalker” storyline that’s been going on for the past year, as well as revealing – dun, dun, dunnn – who the killer is. Shocking! I love it. I’m sad that they killed off some nice characters, but really, Maggie Horton hasn’t done anything but annoy me since Mike left. But hey, what’s up with the new Mickey? And who’s this “Bonnie” that he’s hanging out with? Isn’t she “Adrienne”, who used to play Patch’s sister back in the 80’s? Good grief, I can’t believe I knew that.
  • The O.C. – This show is so great. The Snook and I actually high-fived during the big “Luke’s gay dad” reveal. How can they be cramming all the best teen drama cliches into the first year of episodes? Where the hell can they go next? We actually get two episodes this week, which makes me hope that Channel 10 is burning through them in time to get us relatively caught up with the US for the second season. (Secret confession: I prefer Anna to Summer, but I have a sinking feeling that Seth’s going to end up with the hoochie-mama. Smart girls always lose out.)
  • Australian Idol – I haven’t really been paying much attention to the show this year but I happened to catch the live show last Sunday. Holy crap, everyone on it is really good! At least last year there were a couple definitively “evil” people to root against (like Cosima and Shannon). This year they’re all really nice and talented! I was actually worried going into last night’s verdict show. My favorite is Marty (for his bald head and geeky song choice) but there aren’t many that I think deserve to leave. Thank God it was Dan. I would have preferred Hayley – who seems a little Cosima-like in her ambition and cool demeanor – but Dan sunk himself when he dared to sing Creed. What was he thinking? Ideally, next to go will be Hayley and then Daniel (the opera minger with chimpanzee hair). Everyone else is too good!

Now I’m off to indulge in yet some more low-brow entertainment. The Snook and I are going to see Dodgeball and we plan to laugh ourselves silly! (Don’t tell the intelligentsia, but we find people getting whacked in the nuts pretty funny.)


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  1. I approve of the Dodgeball viewing, some say twice as funny as the great-potential no-delivery Anchorman!

  2. The Luke’s gay dad episode is one of my favorites. Talk about cheesy goodness. I don’t know where they’re gonna go with the second season; it’ll be tough to top the first. (And I like both Summer and Anna. Have you gotten to the episode where they bond yet?)

  3. No way! Anna will win. Summer looks like a gorilla with lipstick on 😛

  4. Welcome to the club! I lurve our DVR with a passion. I almost forgot what it’s like to not be able to pause live TV and to rewind to see something I might’ve missed.

    As far as soaps are concerned, I watch One Life To Live. It’s funny how quickly you can get back into a soap even after a 5-year hiatus. When we got our DVR, I set a “season pass” for OLTL, so now I watch it whenever I feel like, sometimes letting a week’s worth (or two!) stack up so I can have marathon OLTL Saturdays while I’m doing laundry.

    I think one of my favorite soap actors is on Days… Roger Howarth. He played Todd Manning (the football-player-rapist turned heir to the Victor Lord fortune) on OLTL from ’94-’03. I think he’s still sorta “evil” in his new soap role.

  5. The more I thought about the Anna vs. Summer issue today, the more annoyed I got with Seth. I mean, Anna and he have so much in common and come on, it’s not like she’s unattractive. If he actually went out with Summer, what would they talk about? Her boobs? Classic case of guy lusting after something he doesn’t really want and would never make him happy while something really great passes right in front of him. (…She says with the bitter voice of experience.)

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