Cancel the hog trough.

Cancel the hog trough.
As the news should’ve reached most of our immediate family by now, I guess it’s safe to let the cat out of the bag. It didn’t seem to come as a surprise to most people, so I doubt it’ll shock you folks… but for the record, yes, the Snook and I will be getting married in Las Vegas in two months. By Elvis. And yes, it’ll be broadcast live on the Internet so you’ll all get to watch. Fun, huh?

Addendum: I forgot to add a HUGE thank you to my sister Amy, who kindly consented to let her thunder be stolen a little bit so we could get married on the way to her wedding. She’s the bomb, yo.Now for those of you wanting romantic details, there are none. No one “proposed” to anybody else, and no jewelry has changed hands. I mean, eww. That just isn’t us. So here’s the story: We first discussed getting married three years ago when we were planning the move to Australia. It was along the lines of a, “Hmm, you wanna stop in Vegas? Well, I will if you will,” kinda thing. It turned out that we didn’t need to do it for the visa, so we didn’t. The issue was always kinda out there though, especially as my family kept asking us why we didn’t. Basically it was because we didn’t have any good reason. We’re not religious. Our “defacto” status (which basically means “common-law marriage”) in Australia pretty much ensures us the same legal rights as if we were married. Politically, I find it despicable that the government (of both the US and Australia) wants to restrict marriages to heterosexuals. Every time John Howard or George Bush starts talking about the sanctity of marriage and the importance of procreation I start to see red and dry heave. I don’t have any desire to be the shiny princess in a white dress and get handed to a husband like a piece of property. (Just my take; no offense to those who want the fairytale.) So why the change of heart?

Really, I think it was at Rodd’s Aunt Linda’s birthday party a few weeks ago. Her girlfriend Sue made a speech and then proposed to her in front of all their family and friends. I kept thinking about it for days. I mean, they can’t legally get married. So what was the point of proposing? Obviously it was a big moment for them. Why? Eventually I came to the conclusion that it was the fact of making it all public. We knew they’d been off-and-on for years, but now Sue was telling everyone that she intended to be there for the long haul, that she was making a public commitment to be with this person from now on. And I saw the good in that. Linda knew that Sue was willing and unembarrassed to tell the world how she felt about her. They also knew that by making their relationship “public property” in a way, that there was now the pressure to make it work. We know how they stand. That’s a good thing. And I decided that if it’s good for them, it’d be good for us.

So that was pretty much it. I told the Snook what I’d been thinking about, and that I felt I’d finally reached a reason that I could live with. He agreed. And since we always said that we’d only do it if we could get married by Elvis in Vegas… the rest sorta fell into place. So no, no proposal on bended knee or shiny three-months-worth-of-salary blood diamond. Just a shy decision inspired by a couple of lesbians. That’s one to tell the grandkids, huh?


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  1. Congratulations! I’ll be throwing virtual rice and crying at the broadcast. Do you have a date?

    I’ve heard by many friends, gay and straight, how much a difference the actual commitment and ceremony in front of family and friends makes in the relationship.

    Again, congrats to you and the Snook!

  2. Wow! Congratulations!! That’s so exciting. Good on you for just doing it your way – that’s really admirable.

  3. congratulations, and many happy years ahead of you!
    can’t wait to see elvis in your wedding photos! will he be wearing his wal-mart uniform or the silver jumpsuit?

  4. I’m all shook up.

  5. Wow, that’s amazing. Congratulations!

  6. Ahh, how exciting!! Congrats, Kris!

  7. Oh, my gosh, that’s awesome!!! And believe me, you made the right choice — planning a fairy tale wedding is rough! Best wishes to you and the Snook!


    Seriously, you need to set up a “Wedding” page with all the quirky details. I’m sure all of us would be all over it.

  9. Congratulations!

    Will you and Elvis be parachuting?

  10. Congrats and best wishes, you two! Best news I’ve heard all week.

  11. Many congrats! May a thousand ferret angels bless you on your happy day!

  12. Hurrah!! Congrats!

    That’s what *we* should’ve done when my dad suggested, “For God’s sake, ELOPE!” and waved free Vegas tickets in our direction just before our wedding. It would’ve saved us a world of pain.

  13. Just read the whole story. Grandkids eh?

    May a thousand erotic kinky ferrets help you on your way to kiddom.

  14. holy crap! that’s awesome! what is the exact date? if i can find a cheap flight maybe i’ll meet you there.

  15. Woohoo. Congrats to you both.

  16. Big congrats and best wishes and all that. Don’t spend all the honeymoon money in one casino. 😉

  17. Shut your mouth!!!!! If you need/want guests, I have a friend that spends WAY too much time in Vegas and would definitely take another trip (in addition to the one we’re taking in October). Unreal. Congrats!!!

  18. Oh! Congratulations! That’s the best reason for wanting to get married.

  19. rock on Vegas baby!!! Only the best people get married in Vegas. We’ll have to have a party for you two when you get back. Too cool.

  20. I will dress up Dr Amy and she will be your internet bridesmaid! (Just kidding, I wouldn’t subject dear kitty to such trauma!)

  21. Linda and Sue have asked that the record be set straight. They are not
    lesbians, they are “a trans-gender and a bi-sexual”. Now that’s one for the grandkids!
    They send congratulations and look forward to seeing you at the 80th.

  22. many many congrats to you both!! can’t wait to see the broadcast…

  23. Wow! Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys! It is DEFINITELY the right thing to just do it that way….planning a wedding is A NIGHTMARE! Again, best wishes to you both. Is it possible to get an address in which to send wedding gifts?

  24. That’s awesome–I just caught up on all my weblogs after being away and I am THRILLED! Can’t wait to watch the ceremony–it will be the cyber-event of the season!

  25. Wow, how fun!! Congratulations!

  26. Kris and Snook,
    Just wanted to add my voice to the choir with a hardy CONGRATULATIONS!! I only hope you’re going to wear the Princess Leia costume for your wedding dress. Best Wishes.

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