More Wedding Stuff

More Wedding Stuff
Thank you guys so much for all the wonderful messages! It’s just reinforced the idea that this is the right thing for us to do. I mean, our day-to-day situation isn’t changing yet people still seem so excited for us. To me, this means that there really is something there, some value in making this commitment public and sharing it with all our friends and loved ones. So yeah, it’s a little scary but exhilarating too. I’m loving saying it to people. “I’m getting married.” I said it to the man in the liquor store the other day and he gave us a free bottle opener! I figure this is a coupon I’ll only have once, so I better take advantage of it, right?

On that note, I’ve had a couple inquiries about sending gifts. (Well, really it was only my aunt and my grandma at this stage, but again, limited time coupon…) So if you’re inclined to send us something, we have both an Amazon Wish List and an Amazon Wedding Registry. The Wish List is just my regular one with “WEDDING” comments indicating the things we both want. The Registry is for the stuff they won’t ship overseas, which is why it’s going to my Mom’s address. Note that none of this is traditional stuff like toasters and china, mostly because we already have all the crap. Plus we really, really need a PlayStation. But as the Snook recently pointed out to me, a wedding gift is really just a ticket to the wedding reception, and as our reception will be (at this point) entirely virtual, feel free to take a pass on the gift. We’ll swing by everybody’s towns some day and have a beer together. (Edited to add: If you want our mailing address in Sydney, just drop me an e-mail.)

Read on for more wedding crap.Wedding Guests
It’s so sweet of you guys to offer to join us, but seriously, please don’t bother. We sorta accepted a while ago that with my family on one continent and his on another (and friends everywhere in-between), it’s impossible for us to have the big everybody-together dream wedding. That’s partly why we decided on the Vegas option. If it’s just us, nobody gets left out. We’re definitely doing the Internet stream, though, so hopefully everybody that wants to have a peek can be included. And there’ll be pictures and video on this site, you can bet. So thanks for the offers, but please save up your money and come visit us in Sydney instead. It’s starting to get really nice and warm and sunny around these parts…!

One Last Thing
I just want to reiterate that in no way did I mean my little announcement message to be “hateful” or to impugn anybody that has a “traditional” wedding. (Most people got that, but not everybody.) Anybody that’s been reading this site for a while knows that my feelings about marriage are really complicated. So when I say that I wouldn’t have a traditional wedding, I’m only saying that that isn’t the right option for me. That should be obvious, right? That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that they’re important for you, nor am I saying that my way is better overall. So sorry if I unintentionally offended anybody. (These shiny, shiny princesses are so sensitive…)

Just kidding.


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  1. holy crap!
    Us office plebs always the last to know!!! CONGRATS!

  2. kris! i’m in the states at the moment, and pouting that we’re not heading to Vegas for a second wedding (i’ll drag him there one day). CONGRATULATIONS and all the best for what’s going to be the most fun day ever. hello, elvis? how can that not be the coolest thing ever? wedding presents and the like will be on your way when we get back.

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