[Edited to remove our mailing address]

This “engagement” is only a week old and I’m already getting annoyed. The link to our address is down. If you want to know it, please mail us. I’ve also deleted the wedding registry. God forbid my motives were questioned or people thought I was being crass.


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  1. I can only imagine what this post is about. Whatever it is, to hell with it.

  2. Sorry… It was brought to my attention that some folks thought I was being tacky by begging for gifts or something. Not you guys, of course; back here in meatspace. Just upset me, that’s all.

  3. Yeah, I’ve come up against that before. Babe, seriously…. do whatever you want to do. Those of us who have read your site for the past however-many years and “think” we know you, know that you’re not pimpin’ for gifts. Who cares what the silly little flakers think?

  4. man, isn’t getting presents like one of the benefits of getting married?
    seriously, if i am still single in ten years i am going to have a Perpetually Single ceremony just to get some decent whitegoods out of people!

    whoever is criticising you needs a slight headcheck…

  5. Put me down for a toaster, catboy. Maybe even one of those ones that imprints Hello Kitty on the toast… 🙂

  6. I was delighted to hear that you were getting married. Delighted. I don’t know exactly what was said here, but if somebody out there in the “real” world put such a nasty and small minded interpretation on it, that’s not your fault and not your problem. Lindsey is right – who cares what they think?

  7. Thanks everyone. It’s okay now. I think it was just a little misunderstanding. I’m feeling better about it now.

  8. You’re getting giftage, regardless. We’ll hunt your registry down one way or another so don’t fret.

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