Days of our Lives

Thanks to the TiFaux, I’ve started watching Days of our Lives again on a regular basis. Yesterday I had a marathon session where I caught up with the whole past week. I’m still reeling from the whole “fast forward four years” thing. I don’t buy for one second that Sami would ever get together with Lucas, nor would Roman ever marry Kate. Has everyone gone insane? And why is Phillip suddenly way older than Belle and Sean? The worst part of watching all these episodes back-to-back is that you’re forced to confront (through repetition) all of the crappy, crappy tricks the producers use to pad out the show. Each episode has had, like, three dream sequences! Which leaves me confused about the big Friday cliffhanger… Did that crazy Jan girl really kill Victor “Jennifer Aniston’s Dad” Kiriakis by throwing a stereo into his bathtub? I don’t believe it.


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  1. DUDE! i forgot to tell you. at our “light the night” walk two weekends ago for work, i freakin’ met belle black and mimi lockhart! but it wasn’t the belle black i knew from the show…must be a newer actress that plays her. anyway, they were both kinda bitches, just fyi. i’m emailing you the pictures i took as soon as i get in tomorrow… 🙂

  2. Was it Kirsten Storms? Because that’s who’s been playing her ever since they aged the character up from a toddler. (Unless, of course, they’ve changed her in the past couple of months and we haven’t gotten there yet; the Aussie show fast-forwarded four years but somehow we’re still stuck back in February of this year.)

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