The squeaky blogger gets the grease!

The squeaky blogger gets the grease!
Remember the rant I had a few months ago about my frustrations with my local Apple service centre? Well, apparently somebody over there was vanity-googling the other day and turned up my site. As a result, I got an e-mail from the Service Manager apologizing for all the difficulty I had and offering to arrange an “extremely amicable” price to replace my monitor with a refurbed one they had. Isn’t that kickass? I’d basically been planning to put this sucker out to pasture when the new G5 arrives – what with my additional hard drive problems and all – but I’d love to still have an operational laptop if possible. He’s quoted me a price well within my budget for fixing it so I’ve asked the Snook to help me replace the drive. If all goes well, I should have double the Mac goodness is less than a month! (And of course, I’ll amend my earlier post so other Googlers get a better impression of the service.)


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  1. Sort of like a self-service your company sucks success. Congratulations.

  2. that’s scary! remember how i also got approached by an apple worker who stumbled across me whining on my blog? maybe it is company policy now to look up “apple customer service sucks” on the web and try to clear it up? 🙂

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