Who’s the best homebrewer in the house?

Who’s the best homebrewer in the house? Snookums is the best homebrewer in the house! He just won three places in the 2004 New South Wales Brewing Championships. His “English Mild” won 2nd place in the “Low Alcohol” category; his “American Pale Ale” tied for first in the “Pale Ale”; and his “Chocolate Cherry Stout” won Highly Commended in the “Fruit & Specialty”. Pretty cool, huh?


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  1. That’s awesome! This might inspire me to brew again. I’d love to try his American Pale; that’s my current favorite.

  2. Congrats, Snook!

  3. What’s he doing brewing a low alcohol beer? How Australian is that? Well done with the others. 😉

  4. *Hic* .. Give my congrats to the Snook Beer King.

  5. One more thing to add to my “Reasons to Visit Australia” list. Kudos!

  6. Congrats to Snookums. Sounds like you caught a good one. I think I’d marry him too !

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