Australian Idol

Woohoo! The weird little opera guy Daniel finally got booted on Australian Idol tonight. He seemed nice enough but I got really sick of overly theatrical style. (You’re next, Hayley!) I’m totally in the Ricki-Lee camp. She rocks! She’s Australia’s own Beyonce. Chanel and Marty are sentimental favorites, but I don’t think either of them has the star power to win it.


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  1. YES, I’m so glad to see Daniel go, and YES Hayley should be next.

  2. Hayley’s just so weirdly unemotional. I’m glad they picked up on it the other night. You can tell she works her ass off, and that’s the whole problem. You shouldn’t be able to. She’d be another Cosima except for the fact that she’s actually pretty, so you don’t have that whole “oh, the poor little gurny-girl!” pathetic underdog vibe going on.

  3. Bah, hayley looks like a young pauline hanson. Chanel and Courtney are the most respectable (but what’s up with him crying all the time). But probably not enough star-power. Chanel won’t win because she does things her own way (ie. probably end up with a respectable career). Don’t know about that Ricki-Lee, I’d say she’s more Gold Coast Bogan than Beyonce class. Not that I watch the show or anything…

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