9 Times the iPod Goodness.

Nine Times the iPod Goodness.
So did I mention that the Snook and I both got new iPods on the weekend? Well, we did. We’d been thinking about getting new mobile phones for some time – since we both just have crappy pay-as-you-go Nokias – but we hadn’t done anything about it yet because we’re lazy. Then on Thursday the Snook discovered that Strathfield have a deal on where you buy a Sony Ericsson T610 and get a free 20GB iPod. Pretty sweet! We headed over Friday afternoon and spent hours waiting around while they transferred our numbers and upgraded our accounts. It was worth it though… I’ve even got a camera in my phone now! Oh yes, “moblogging” will be happening soon. This is, like, partial technological redemption for the whole TV-exploding debacle…


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  1. What? Do you have to get a contract or just buy the phone and get a free iPod for $169?

    If it’s the latter, can I paypal you to get me one? Seriously.

  2. Nah, it’s a two-year contract too. The small-type on that ad is blurry, but basically we paid $169 each and we go on the $38/month plan. It works out to just over a thousand bucks each total, but we figured that since the iPod’s worth $500, it’s a good deal for us. Sorry!

  3. so, what are you gonna do with the old one? Just wonderin’…(in case you are looking to off load it)

  4. You want it? I’ll make you a Citizenship Present of it, if you want! (You’ll need a computer that’s got a firewire connection, tho. This is an old-school iPod before they started makin’ ’em for PCs.)

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