Awww, crap.

…And just like that, the evening turns to SUCK. John Howard has just won a historic fourth term as Australian Prime Minister. The conservatives increased their numbers in the government. Latham has conceded. Catboy’s going to become a Kiwi. Everything’s turning to crap. Dammit, I’ve already emigrated from one country with an asshole for a leader; I don’t want to do it again! Please, please, please let Bush lose next month… or I think we may have to move to Sealand.


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  1. Save me some space in your suitcase, Kris.

  2. Ooh, maybe you can marry the Prince Regent Micheal! đŸ™‚

    (I’ve been reading the Sealand history on that website and it’s HILARIOUS.)

  3. Well, I HAVE always wanted to be a princess!

    (They should totally make a big-budget comedy out of that story… with Sean Connery as Roy.)

  4. You’re so right. I’m surprised they haven’t! Actually I picture it more as a low-budget Australian comedy a la “Donny Deckchair”, you know?

  5. trying to decide between the north or south island…

  6. Do you reckon north and south have a rivarly like other countries.

    I reckon we should spread a few rumours and start a fight.

    “Your pet dolphin said I was ugly, take it back, tell him to take it back!”

  7. I’m so ashamed to be Australian. Did you see Johnny on the cover of the telegraph doing something that looks suspiciously similar to “sieg heil”?

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