Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman!Real Embarrassing Photos: The Coolest 3-Year-Old in Town
You know what the coolest part of this photo is? It’s not my sweet Wonder Woman Underoos. It’s not my stylin’ Powder Puff Big Wheel with the ribbon streamers. It’s not my stick-straight bowl-cut bangs. It’s not even my so-retro-it-hurts white knee socks. You know what it is? It’s the approximately 53 yards of woolen lanyard plant holders hanging in the background. The 70’s were a bad time for interior design, yo.


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  1. Hee! I had the same underoos! 😉

  2. Yeah, I saw that. I’m not too bothered. I mean, she had me going in Order of the Phoenix but it only turned out to be Sirius. I wasn’t too attached to him. And I didn’t give a rat’s for Cedric Digory really, either. So she’ll probably kill off Loony Lovegood or something non-major, I figure. Or else maybe Dumbledore will have an Obi-Wan Kenobi moment…

  3. You were one of the sweetest kids in the whole world. And still are !

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