What kind of girl are you?

What kind of girl are you?
Apparently I am a hybrid of “Progressive Girl” and “Girl next Door”. Actually that’s pretty darn accurate.

Progressive Girl     Girl Next Door

You know, the detailed profiles of those “girls” are pretty darn accurate too. Maybe I should get the book for the Snook as a wedding gift! (Link courtesy of Brigita.)


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  1. Bah! I got the same result, but neither of them really sound like me at all. I’m not nearly so wishy-washy as the Girl Next Door, and I’m definitely NOT one to go around quoting Susan Frickin’ Sarandon. [shudder]

  2. I’m the ‘Indie Girl’. Pretty close. I do quote lots of Simpsons…..

  3. “Progressive Girl” – it’s sorta accurate.

  4. Progressive Girl. I guess I lost the Girl Next Door when I moved to the big city – or maybe that’s just the cynicism getting out.

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