She’s here!

Boudicca IIBoudicca II is finally here!
I got the e-mail last night that she was finally being shipped but I didn’t have a clue how long it would take. Then this afternoon Albert came by and said she’d arrived at the shop. I literally jumped up and down and squealed. Like a freak. In front of the customers. But I don’t care. Now I’m just waiting for Snookums to get home so we can open the boxes together and marvel at Apple’s sexy packaging. I guess I should clear off my desk, huh? I’ll probably be listing some of my excess Apple junk on eBay after tonight. Anybody want a copy of iLife or OS X 10.3?


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  1. Check out the sexy gal with her new toy!!

  2. I’ll take the OS X 10.3. I really need to completely clean off and update my poor iBook. Just let me know how much you want for it.

  3. Forty bucks and I’ll throw in iLife as well?

  4. Sure! Can you cash out-of-country money orders and checks, or do you need me to do the PayPal thing? I don’t have an account with them anymore.

  5. I can, but it costs me like $15 to do it. How about you send it to my Mom? I owe her money anyway.

  6. Sure, I can send it to your Mom. Or, since we’re supposed to have a Meetup when you come to Indiana next month, I can give you cash, and you can hand me the software. It’s cheaper than international shipping!

  7. I read this too late. Hey Kristie, it’s Eileen’s new roommate, Maria. Eileen had your site on her computer so I decided to check it out. I really like it, you did a good job. I’m kicking myself for missing out on your OS X 10.3 offer. Let me know how your new computer works out.

  8. Oh cool, Moire! I totally forgot about that. I guess we should, like, arrange it or something. 🙂 We get into South Bend on Monday the 22nd and we’re there til the Tuesday-week (the 30th). My sister and the family pretty much have us booked Wed-Sat for Thanksgiving and the wedding, but we’re free the couple days on either side. When do you think you’re available? Shall we meet up in the Fort, or somewhere in between?

    And hi, Maria! Sorry you missed out. I’ve still got a copy of 10.2 you can have…

  9. Well, I live in DeKalb County, but the Fort is only a 15-minute drive away. I don’t want you to go out of your way. Whatever would be easiest for you is fine with me, and my schedule is similar to yours around Thanksgiving. Is there something in town you’d want to do, or a place you’d like to eat? If not, I am more than happy to meet you halfway… I think DeKalb is closer to you than the Fort, anyway.

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