Red Sox win the pennant!

The Red Sox win the pennant! Oh, man! What a fantastic series. I’m not even a huge Sox fan – any team that employed Roger Clemens will be forever tainted in my books – but you gotta love an underdog, especially one that beats the odious Yankees. And good grief, when did Boston last win the World Series? It’s been, like, a century, hasn’t it?


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  1. WOW! that is amazing. If the Sox can win maybe the Cubs can too…hmm…

  2. Gotta love ANYONE who beats the Yankees… have been trying to come up with a UK equivalent to explain my excitement & joy to my colleagues who just don’t get it… but even Man U isn’t as omnipresent, and I can’t think of an underdog with as much history as the Red Sox…

  3. There’s a bit in the last Stephen King gunslinger book, where a character from Maine has been transported into another universe, and the first thing he asks years later when he meets somebody from our universe is: “Have the Red Sox won the pennant yet?” 🙂

  4. GO SOX! I don’t even know what else to say, i think the whole city is a bit dumbfounded at the moment. I think I’ll just proclaim my love for David Ortiz. And RT, I’m hoping that the Atros win because I would love nothing more than to see the Sox stick it to Roger Clemens in the world series.

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