Sudden realization

Sudden realization: We’re getting married one month from today. That’s right, folks. November 20th has been chosen. We don’t have a definite time yet, but we’re aiming for about 6 p.m. Vegas time. That should offer most of our family the chance to watch it. (It’ll be Saturday evening in the Midwest, Friday morning in Australia.) Final details will be posted the day before when we actually confirm the time with the chapel. For now, you can go ahead and bookmark the Internet streaming site.Edited to add: Here’s our address for anybody that needs it. And even those of you that think you have it should re-check it, because we moved a year ago and you might have it wrong and eventually you’ll do something silly like send us an invitation to your wedding addressed to the wrong SUBURB. (*cough* Like my sister. *cough*)

Kris and Rodd
1/4 Moorgate Street
Chippendale NSW 2008


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  1. Woo!!! 😉

  2. Very very cool.
    Consider this our cyber acceptance. We WILL be watching. (speaking of that, are they going to give you a copy of the video? just wondering…)

  3. Yeah, we were going to do it cheap-ass but then decided, what the hell. We’re only doing this once, right? So we’re going to get the video and a bunch of photos too. But I said no to the bouquet. 🙂

  4. Congrats. I’ve not looked here in a while.

  5. you know…i felt like there was something iffy about that whole newtown thing. but i was up addressing those damn things ’til 2 am. give me a break! you’re lucky i spelled your name right.

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