Happy Halloween!

Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth BennetHappy Halloween!
The party’s finally over. Yes, that’s me and the Snook as Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. We figured since we went with low-brow pop culture last year, we’d go high-brow and literary this year. It worked really, really well. The party was a smashing success (as I’m sure you noticed if you were watching CouchCam) and I’ve got lots of photos to upload in the morning. For now, I’m going to waddle my carb-sickened self to bed…

Update: The pictures are now online!


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  1. holy cow, you guys look the part!

  2. Absolutely perfect!

  3. Well this post isn’t really about the above blog, but i spent hours reading your web page its awsome. I am 16 years old and live in California, USA. It was funny to read your experiences which were simular to mine. “Today I discovered that popsicles are called “icy poles” in Australia. I nearly spat mine out.” when i read this i was laughing so hard i could have droped a lung. Ohh by the way it seems u dont realise that Canadians hate us Americans. Omg i have so much to say, but i cant think of it now. You have to email me ok and yeah. Thanks for the laughs and memorys ok im bein a bit dramatic now but yours thankfully Elisa

  4. ohhh wat i meant to say was, i lived in california but now live in sydney.

  5. Uh… “Canadians hate Americans”? You’re so right. And so do the French people. Yeah. (I think you’ve been sipping the conservative Kool-Aid a little too much, Elisa.)

  6. (Which was a snarky way to say I’m glad you enjoyed the site… but that comment was a little random.)

  7. You all looked fabulous. Did you make that dress? It’s gorgeous.

  8. Okay, ignore the question; I just read the answer. Oops.

  9. not ALL canadians hate you americans 😀

  10. Ooooh! Thanks so much for throwing the party, we had a blast! I look like the blushing emoticon from msn in my photo! I’m so impressed by yours and the Snooks cooking, and am still eating the meriangue bones!! You two were adorable! And everyones costumes are so impressive!! In a cheesy way to put it, it’s so lovely that you guys have us share in the really fun bits of american culture! I now love halloween!
    Eva was Pucca, (http://puccaclub.com/eng/)- check out the animations! You can get Pucca embellished everything at Paddies and in Chinatown. She’s so cute(Pucca, but so was Eva!).
    Next year, my goal is to have a couples costume! Clinton was originally going to be my Wolf, but decided he’d rather be a nerd. My other options were creepy butcher or Bo Peep! I’d like to be creepy with fake blood!

  11. Pucca! I *thought* that was it. But I couldn’t turn up any meaningful websites. And Snookums kept confusing me by reminding me that we recently had some yummy Chinese chocolate snacks called “PUCCA” that we got at the local convenience store.

  12. Great pics – everyone looked fantastic! Aw, fairy bread! Talk about nostalgia. I think the last time I had some was at my 6th birthday party!

    It’s really a shame that more Aussie’s don’t celebrate Halloween – it looks like so much fun!

  13. I don’t get it, how can someone not love fairybread? I am a addict in every sense of the word, I don’t understand it! Kris, I am going to have to bring some into work and force you somehow to enjoy it, it’s pure, sugary delight!

  14. Looks like a lot of fun was had! And GAH, Fairy Bread! Nasty.

  15. Thanks again for Saturday, we had a blast (as you can tell from the GOOFY photos!).

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