Cousin Happy speaks!

Um, did any of you Hoosiers notice – and you might not have* – that the actual Cousin Happy of Happy’s Place left a comment here yesterday?!

* You probably didn’t see it because it’s an old post, so comments don’t show up immediately. That’s part of my anti-spam efforts.


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  1. Take THAT, Mr. Wil Wheaton! I loves me some Happy’s Place.

  2. Sniffle.

    I’m still scarred for life because I missed my chance to be on the show. My little sister got to go, but that’s moot. She was the cute one. 😉

    I miss Happy’s Place, and Froggie’s Pad. Those shows were something cool and unique for kids on TV that other cities didn’t have. Chicago had Bozo, we had Happy.

  3. 1986 anyone know what happened to Happy from Happy’s Place, Ft. Wayne Indiand, TV children’s programing. This was a great community offering to families with little kids, good introduction to TV broadcasting too. THanks, anyone who cares who is listening. “-)

  4. That didn’t make much sense, but if you follow the link in the post above, you can see a massive discussion we had about Happy’s Place including where Happy is now.

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