I’m conflicted. Remember how I was ranting about the new Wonka movie? Well, I just got an e-mail from someone at Warner Bros. asking me to plug the movie on my Dahl site. They’ll send me a poster if I do. So here’s the conundrum: This is information about a Roald Dahl adaptation, and presumably most of his fans will be interested in it. So I should just post it, right? On the other hand, to me the movie looks like it’s going to piss all over the original story. I’d rather not act as a shill for that. So should I do it? The principled bit of me says no; the not-so-principled bit is shrieking “Maybe they’ll invite you to the Sydney premiere and you can meet Johnny Depp!” over and over. Stupid, I know.


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  1. Stupid, my butt! It’s JOHNNY DEPP!!!

    You would top my picture with Keifer

  2. In my mind you’re not a shill if you simply inform readers; it’s not as if you’ll be saying “this looks like it will be a-mazing, folks!”

    On the flip side, I think the exposure they’d be getting warrants more than a lousy poster.

  3. No doubt, post the info. That’s not the same as endorsing. And definately let them know you need to go to the premier in order to decide if it warrents a glowing endorsment. And meeting Johnny Depp would be very helpful… btw, can I come?

  4. dude, post the info. If my library gig has taught me anything it is that people should have access to correct information without prejudice.
    And your site is a rad resource.
    And hey, Johnny Depp would just be the icing, ya know?

  5. Hmmm. They definitely got the look right, Patrick. But I’m still weirded out by the fact that Depp looks so YOUNG. I mean, he *is* young. Which screws up the whole point of the plot that Wonka is supposed to be looking for an heir because he’s OLD. I just can’t get my head around that. Why couldn’t they have just cast somebody old? Or put him in old person makeup? I mean, if you’re going to throw out that major plot point, you might as well have Slugworth be a secret spy and Violet be a “bad egg” and crazy orange Oompa-Loompas. I’m not expecting Peter-Jackson-like reverence for the text; I understand that some things will have to be cut out. But I can’t see how they can change a major plot point like Wonka’s age without some serious re-writing of the story.

  6. Principled approach:
    Shove your free advertising up your ass!

    Un-principled approach:
    It’ll cost ya waaay more than a free poster and restricted view seat…

    Sensible approach:
    What amy said.

  7. I’d say that, until the movie comes out, you have plausible deniability, and thus can discuss it on your site without fear of shilling for it.

  8. They’ve told me that the trailer is going to be shown with “The Polar Express” starting this weekend. Maybe I’ll reserve judgment until I see how crappy it looks.

  9. The movie might piss all over the book and still be good. That seems most likely. Also, my opinion is, once you shill, you can never take it back. How anti-establishment are you? I wouldn’t do it without seeing the whole movie and deciding for myself. PS The Polar Express looks really cool. Haha, pun intended! But seriously, folks

  10. Hmmm… I’d ask them if you could be invited to prescreenings or the premiere. As a guess, they might not pass you premiere tickets but a prescreening that all those media reviewers go to shouldn’t be a hassle.

    Just ask, can’t hurt and at worst all they can do is say no.

  11. you would think they could give you more than one little poster! it’s as bad as the whole street team thing of, ooh look, you run around all day to get us free publicity and we’ll give you some stickers!
    but i would do it 🙂
    btw, the polar express looks creepy. maybe it’s all that tom hank-age.

  12. This is possibly a stupid question, but… considering that Gene Wilder didn’t look the least bit old in the earlier movie, how is this worse? Or does your objection apply to that one also?

  13. Sell-out! Sell-out! 🙂

    I think you should definitely mention it, but that doesn’t mean you have to *plug* it. Once it comes out you could have a poll on it or discussion about how good your visitors thought it was.

  14. My objection extends to that one too, for way more than just the age issue, Shmuel. 🙂 I mean, the new movie is supposed to be more like the book to compensate for how un-like the old one is!

  15. I think it’s lovely they’re letting him use his own wardrobe.

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