Place the State.

Place the State. How well do you know your US geography? My score: 96%, 8 miles, 319 seconds. (I really only messed up one or two at the beginning and then the rest were all perfect.)

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  1. 82%, 48 miles, 284 seconds. Buh.

  2. 98%, 2 miles, 219 seconds. Wow…it would be a lot harder if they didnt have the name of the state you are placing.

  3. 98%, 1 mile, 171 sec. Stupid South Dakota. I think a lot depends on the order in which you get them.

  4. Definitely a difference in the order. The first time I did it, I got Rhode Island first. It took about a minute before I could even find the state *not* on the map to drag it over. Itty bitty.

  5. 88%, 23 mi, 283 sec. Not too shabby.

  6. I never realised before how boring the shape of the states of the US are. Colorado and a few of the others are just squares. Nothing like the exciting and inspiration shapes of New South Wales, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory (I know, technically not a state).

  7. I did the same thing Jenny…I thought “why isn’t this working”?

  8. Wow – 98% 12 miles 222 seconds. But I lost a good 20 seconds at the beginning when I was trying to figure out how the hell to get everything going. So if i get technical, I should have at the most, 200 seconds.

    Now, had it been a math-related do-hickey, i would have bombed like nobody’s bi’nez.

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