The Catholic Mafia

Okay, seriously, Notre Dame’s Alumni Association are scaring the crap out of me. They’re like the Catholic Mafia or something. First incident: earlier this week I received the annual ND “Christmas-card-and-donation-plea” but was surprised to see it addressed to both myself and the Snook. How in the hell did they know we got married? I didn’t tell them. That’s spooky. And then today I got an e-mail asking me to fill out an alumni survey… addressed to my Gmail address. I’ve never given them my Gmail address. How do they know this stuff? How is it that members of my own family don’t even know my address over here but Notre Dame has me under total surveillance? Am I the only one?


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  1. Does Quasimodo appear anywhere in your school life? Was it your mascot?

    Don’t worry if it’s not … I just had a hunch it might have been.

  2. well, they haven’t tracked me down. all of my ND mail still goes to my parents house.

  3. That’s nothing – I graduated from Occidental College (a small Liberal Arts college in LA) in 1979 (I’m very decrepit), and successfully avoided the Alumni office for more than TWENTY years – but they finally caught up with me last year. Curses!

  4. They’ve stayed with me too, Kris. Through 5 addresses since graduation.

    That’s why they have to raise tuition each year: surveillance costs.

  5. Notre Dame isn’t the only Institution of Higher education to do that. I have moved 5 times since college AND got married and Ball State is still able to know my name, address, phone number AND email address! As you stated, even some of my family members do not know that information!

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