Chicago Then & Now

Just found a great link on MetaFilter: Chicago Then & Now. A photographer attempts to reproduce some photos taken of the city from over fifty years ago. It’s interesting to see how some shots look almost the same (some buildings even have the same signage!), while others are depressingly different. As I read recently, architecture is the only form of art which is regularly allowed to be destroyed. My dad mentioned to me recently that the Sun-Times building has been demolished to make way for a Trump Tower. That’s just sad, people.


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  1. I found Chicago Then & Now soooo depressing. I’m on dial up, so I’d see a beautiful old Victorian/gothic looking house, and then hold my breath as the next picture loaded, hoping the “now” photo would show it restored. But no, most of the great houses are parking lots and grass fields now. So sad.

  2. I have a book like this called “Dallas Then & Now”. It’s really depressing. I love looking at before and after photos, but this book just made me sad. I mean, I’ve been to some of these places off and on since I was a knee-high little brat, and they’ve changed since then…. but it didn’t occur to me that they would change THAT much over time.

    I thought I’d be depressed looking at this, and I was right. Some of the older buildings were downright gorgeous. I would think that alot of those buildings could have applied for “historical” status, correct? I’d rather have stomething that preserves history than another frickin’ parking lot.

    And, um, I’m sorry but The Donald does NOT need another building.

  3. I perused the pictures and just thought about how depressing this whole thing seemed to me. I know some buildings needed to be demolished because they were old and unsafe. However, so many of them were beautiful and had significant historical value, what a crime.

    Every time I was about feel really really bad, a picture came up of something that has been restored and looks absolutely gorgeous. I agree with Luke Seeman when he says there are SOME improvements, namely better sidewalks and more trees, but where did all the history of this great city go?

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