Look at me, puttin’ pr0n up on DeskCam. 🙂

Catchphrase of the Month: “We’re married now. It’s allowed.”


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  1. Doesn’t feel any different does it?

  2. Santa W-e-e-b - HoHoHo!

    December 15, 2004 — 12:38 am

    Please keep that kind of stuff for the bedroom*. There might be poor little innocent kiddies browsing to this site.

    *and kitchen, living room, and everywhere else but DeskCam room 😉

  3. *gasp!* Tittilating!

  4. Well, the only “rule” is that you enjoy yourselves.

  5. Is “prOn” (with an o) an Aussie term or an internet-don’t-use-the-real-word-to-avoid-weird-surfers thing? I’ve only seen it used by you and Krisalis-Kris. (I don’t get out much).

  6. It’s an Internet nerd thing, Tricia. Appears lots of times on Slashdot and other geeky places. According to Wikipedia, “On the Internet pornography is often referred to as pr0n which is misspelled p0rn — porn written with zero, a common style in a so called leet speak. One theory on the origins of this spelling is that it was devised to fool spam filters which blocked emails with the word “porn” from coming through to the recipient. However, since leet speak has performed similar mutations on a number of words, including those unlikely to feature in unsolicited commercial e-mails (0wned, r00t, n00b, d00d), it is likely that any transformation of “porn” to “pr0n” for spamming purposes is at best an independent invention.”

  7. Cool; thanks for the thorough explanation. I’m clearly a old-school, non-internet nerd. 🙂

  8. Well, to be honest, Kristen and I are using it in a kind of “meta-nerd” way. A true “scriptkiddie” would be all, “OMG! d00d, ch3c|< 0u7 7h3s3 war3z n pr0n! i t0tally ownz3r3d that l4m3r!" whereas we just use it in a jokey way to make ourselves sound "with it." :)

    (Translation of my crap l33t speek: “Oh my God. Dude, check out these warez (i.e. pirated software) and porn. I totally owned (i.e. hacked into someone’s computer and got root access) that lamer (i.e. non-leet-speaking functional member of society).”

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