Coolest. Quilt. Ever.

Oh my god. This Mario quilt is the Coolest. Quilt. Ever. I feel my patchwork urge returning. But how to top this?


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  1. That’s fantastic! The theme music just started running through my head. I expect it will be there all day.

  2. It just needs on of those turtles on each side…one already jumped on with the coins going up and one on the other side (for balance, ya know) ready to be jumped on. Thanks Jenny for mentioning the theme music…now I have it running in my head! (I expect it to be there all day as well.) I haven’t thought about Mario Brothers since….oh…junior high!

  3. My son would love that!!! Looks like I need to start quilting.

  4. Annoy everyone as well by getting a Mario Bros ring tone for your phone from :


  5. Squee!!!!1!

  6. omg, that’s the coolest! it’s just missing goombas. i so have to find a Legend of Zelda quilt!

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