Gingerbread Laptop and CPU

Gingerbread Laptop and CPU. That’s pretty neat! I’ve never tried making any gingerbread sculptures before. (Mostly because I know the Snook would insist on making all the gingerbread from scratch, and I’d get bored and lazy halfway through and quit.) Has anybody else ever done it? Is it really hard? (Link courtesy of not martha.)


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  1. I’ve done a little gingerbread house making, ages ago. It’s not really hard, but can be fiddly — especially the more elaborate you get (suppose you could say that about any craft!). Important thing is to use a recipe meant for building (vs. a cookie recipe) and also very sticky frosting to glue on the candy. It’s also important to get the gingerbread a uniform thickness, and also thick enough to stay up, but not so thick that it’s too heavy! I’m sure there’s a lot more detailed advice online…

  2. ps — meant to say also Good luck! and please post any pix if you do start building!!

  3. I mentioned it to the Snook and he started telling me about some method he read about once. Basically, you make a soft cake-y loaf of gingerbread and cut it into slices. Butter them, slap it back together, and then build your walls *around* it with normal gingerbread. So the cake holds it up in the middle, and then when you go to eat it you just lift off the roof and pull out slices. We’d give it more serious consideration if it weren’t so stinkin’ hot in Sydney here lately… 🙂

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