I drank Pocari Sweat.

My Pocari Sweat taste trialSo, I tasted Pocari Sweat.
On Sunday I went to joint blogger birthday party for Andrew and Eva out in Centennial Park. Since Andrew had e-mailed me after my last mention of Pocari Sweat to express his love for it, I figured a couple cans would be a good birthday present. Needless to say, he was pretty happy and he decided to share the joy by giving me a taste. I was hesitant. Plucking up my courage, I took a sip. My initial reaction wasn’t exactly positive, but I definitely wouldn’t say it tasted like “bodily fluid” either. I’d probably describe it as like a lemonade or Solo, but without any sugar. Kinda like a really crappy Gatorade. So while the taste isn’t totally vile, I still think the international marketing concept could use some work…


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  1. Your face in this picture is PRICELESS! So, Pocari Sweat is not going to be on your top 10 “must have” list of drinks, eh?

  2. Back in the 1980s someone told me the name arose because there was a “Pocari Sour” as well, and the vendors thought “SWEET” was spelled with an A. Does that seem plausible? (Please say no – the guy who said it was an inveterate liar and fantasist – I’d be so happy to hear that he was talking his usual cr*p.)

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