I disgust myself.

Your Honor, I stand accused of disgusting myself.
Exhibit A: I went in search of a “LOVE THE O.C.” t-shirt after the Snook told me he spotted them in the Imperial Arcade. I told myself that I would only wear it “ironically,” but everybody knows that’s a lie, right?
Exhibit B: I hesitated once I determined that the vile Supré had the shirt for sale, but ultimately I went in anyway. I tried not to look directly at the jelly shoes or camouflaged ra-ra skirts.
Exhibit C: I spent fifteen humiliating minutes searching through racks of XXS sizes to find the one single Large tank top in the whole bloody store.
Exhibit D: I paid $20 for a shirt too small to wear out of the house. (But not too small to flaunt on my DeskCam.)
Exhibit D: The salesman adamantly refused to let me leave without a flaming pink reusable Supré shopping bag which I then had to carry all the way home, thus announcing my shame to all the world.

Your verdict?


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  1. Rock that shirt, baby! Shame is for people who care. 🙂

  2. Cute! Fandom wants to be free!

  3. I think it looks very nice on you.

  4. Kris, you have officially embraced teenagerhood more than I have, and I’m the 14 year old here. I have to agree with you that Supre is the most vile store to inhabit this planet and that there is something seriously wrong with their way of sizing.
    It does look good on you though, congratulations on finding the size.

  5. I found your post while searching for Supré/Anti-Supré sites as I’m making a documentary on Supré and how it is “the most vile store to inhabit this planet”

    I absolutely agree with the opinion that the sizing is all out of wack. How come the clothes go down to a XXX-Small yet only go up to a Large?! And their ‘large’ is probably a size 12 in ‘normal’ sizing. Last time I checked, size 12 was definitely not large!

    Although, in saying all of this, I must admit…I am a hypocrite…I also am guilty of purchasing the occasional Supre item. The store is like a virus!

    I would say I hope you burned your Supré bag, but I don’t think it would be all that beneficial for the environment, being made of some space age indestructible synthetic material…

  6. Oh my god, Hazel. If you need any talking heads on your documentary to discuss their hatred for Supre, count me in. My eyeballs roll back in my head whenever I see one of those disgusting pink bags. They’re everywhere!

  7. Yes I know! I live in Hamilton, NZ and we had our first Supré store open late last year. You should see how much it has transformed what teens wear. They went from never having heard of Supré to carying round a pink bag and wearing top to toe skankwear. Sigh.

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