Happy Holidays!

Happy Festivus! Or Chrismukkah! Or whatever.
We ended up having a much happier holiday than expected. It started when we got special package in the mail from my Mom. It was a Christmas ornament that played a pre-recorded message from my little brother Joey: “Merry Christmas to Mr. Snook and Kristy. We love you!” I started bawling as soon as I heard it. We spent Friday relaxing and getting ready for our feast over at Amy and Rob‘s today. We even made some very special gingerbread cookies. Can you guess what the shape is? (I bought the cutters at an op shop a few years ago. Some disgruntled Aussie tourist must have gotten rid of them.) On Christmas Day the four of us headed out to Taronga Zoo to visit the monkeys and the meerkats. Snookums and I had a close encounter with a koala and recorded our very own special holiday message for Joey. (He likes koalas.) Then we headed back to Rob and Amy’s place for a Mexican feast complete with two very Aussie desserts: homemade summer pudding and pavlova. Whew. I’m stuffed. I’m looking forward to two more days of relaxation before I head back to work…

Edited to Add: Amy just posted a great picture of the four of us.


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  1. Just stopping to say hello from the in-laws in Terre Haute, its x-mas eve and I hear Santa is near by and he has some presents for me so I gotta make sure im in bed when he comes. Actually Santa will probably freeze his arse off, its about 10 below outside right now. Tell Rodd I said hello and Merry Christmas, catch ya later.

  2. merry krismas to you and the snook!

  3. Thanks Dad and Rob! (I moved your comments in here since the other posts weren’t so nice for happy holiday greetings.)

  4. Merry Xmas from The Scotsman to The Snook and Web Goddess đŸ™‚ Throw a few extra shrimps on the bar-b for me.

    About to go play in the little snow we have before it gets dark.

    I hope santa was good to you both.

  5. Merry Christmas wishes to both! Off to do some wassaling…

  6. I see you on the desk cam!!

  7. You made cookies in the shape of Michigan???

  8. yes, Michigan! I never knew that Michgan could be so yummy!!!

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