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moblogged imageDr Amy Jones
What better way to test my new moblogging ability than with the ol’ standby: a picture of our cat! More details on my setup in a minute…

Later: Okay, so all the cool kids nowadays are using Flickr to upload photos to their sites. I like to be contrary, though, so I asked the Snook how difficult it would be to roll this ourselves. Within a few hours, he had it up and running. Basically, I take a photo with my Sony Ericsson T610 and MMS it to a special e-mail address. I’ll let the Snook explain how he worked the server-side mojo: “I wrote a PHP script using the Mail_Mime component from the Pear Repository which scans a message for text and image attachments, saves and resizes the image, and inserts a post into the database. I use qmail to feed incoming messages to the script.” So that’s it! This image and the short bit of accompanying text went straight from my phone to w-g. (This extra bit was added by hand afterwards.) Now I’m envisioning all sorts of fun uses for this in the future. Maybe Crazy Jesus Lady would let me put her on the site…?

Even later: I just realized I should probably translate for the non-nerds in the audience. By “moblog,” I mean “mobile web logging,” which is a completely stupid and made-up way of saying that I take pictures with my cell phone and send them to my website. Just in case you were confused.


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  1. Ah cool I always wondered what Moblog was 😉

    Sounds groovy anyway. With the Deskcam, the CouchCam and the Mob bit.. we can track you night and day!

    Just please don’t start DunnyCam. 🙂

    Happy New Year btw! May this year bring you as much happiness as the last one that brought you much happiness.

  2. dunny cam? Don’t give her any ideas!! (just kidding) Amy looks very cute (and a little confused)

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