Are we seeing results already?

I just had a hell of a time leaving a comment over on Amy’s LJ site. First it timed out and gave me an error, and then upon resubmission I had to type in a captcha (twice!) to prove I wasn’t a spam bot. Anybody else experience LiveJournal difficulties? I wonder if it has anything to do with yesterday’s announcement…


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  1. If you were a free user yesterday then in the lead up to the official announcement a thanks to the rumours a lot of people paniced that their accoutns were going to disappear or they would have to pay to keep them, that sort of thing and so they all tried to download andarchive their journal. This in turn had a bad effect on some of their older servers and in order to keep them working, any accounts on those machines were made read only which in turn made doing anything with them very difficult. If that makes sense

  2. Ahh, I see what you mean. I kinda figured there’d be a load of traffic moving through there today…

  3. It was next to impossible to post or browse LJ yesterday. Everyone was complaining about it.

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