Andrew and Kathleen return

Yay, the newlyweds are back! On a related note, the Snook and I are still planning our own Aussie wedding reception for friends and family here, but the James Squire Brewhouse are pissing us off. After initially telling us that we could hold it in their biergarten, now they’re trying to stick us into one of the smaller rooms out the back…


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  1. is that a little happy dance on your desk cam?

  2. Yeah. That was from when I *thought* I fixed my computer a couple days ago…

  3. I still think you guys should have your reception at the RSL, or maybe the bowling club….could be fun….

  4. It could happen…

  5. Yep, we’re back and very married! Had a fantastic time in NZ – did you get a chance to read Andrew’s blog on our skydiving experience?

  6. I just read it! Heh heh. The funny thing is, I did it in ’99 and I described my experience almost exactly like Andrew did! I’m glad I did it, but I definitely won’t be doing it again… 🙂

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