Font T-Shirts

Font T-Shirts. Seriously nerdy, but man, I’d love a “Chicago” shirt. (A few minutes ago I pulled the latest Notre Dame Alumni Magazine out of the mailbox and thoroughly mentally embarrassed myself by thinking: “Huh. They changed to Trebuchet MS for the address block.” I’m a font nerd.) (Link courtesy of Awful Cufflinks.)


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  1. i’m a “gadget” man myself.

  2. I have a friend who is a graphic designer so fonts are often a topic of discussion. Her boyfriend would often call her at work to ask how much it would cost to buy some fonts. Two of our other friends made nicknames for themselves…JR Fruitger and George H Garamond Jr.
    Did you see the deluxe socktapus in the handmade goods category?

  3. ARGGGHHH! No, I totally did NOT see that, Sara! I thought my Soctopus was an original! Crap.

  4. Ooh, they have Futura! I’m no font geek, but I love Wes Anderson’s movies and he loves Futura so…

  5. Excellent! I’m tempted to make my own now (I’ve had decent luck with those printer iron-ons): how about proudly strutting around with “Times New Roman” or your favorite “Comic Sans MS”? 😉

  6. I think Comic Sans MS would get you beaten up. At least, it would if I saw you wearing it… 🙂

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