Safin vs Hewitt

At this very minute, everybody in Australia is sitting down to watch Lleyton Hewitt take on Marat Safin for the Australian Open Championship. The Aussies haven’t had a local winner in, like, decades, so it’s a pretty big deal. I haven’t watched much of the Open this year but I was glued to the screen during Hewitt’s semifinal with Andy Roddick. I was cheering for Hewitt (because I’m an expat snob, of course, and you all know how I hate America*) but it got seriously painful when Roddick started losing. He really does look so much like my brother; it was like watching Antny get his butt kicked. Anyway, the Final’s about to start and I’m a little torn. Yeah, I want the local underdog to win, but let’s be honest girls: Lleyton is a minger. (His new muscles are nice, but it’s just not enough.) And Safin is damn hot. I just hope it’s a close one…

Oh, and Roddick’s American Express commercials seriously cracked me up, especially the new version with his sad little empty seat. Very clever!

* Sarcasm.


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  1. awww, I haven’t seen the new AmEx ad. I’ll have to watch for it.

  2. It starts off the same as the other one, where he’s struggling with all the trophies on the planes and one bonks him on the head. So he buys “one seat there, and two seats on the return” from the travel agent. Then in voiceover he says something like, “My life is about staying positive.” And instead of showing him with a trophy next to him, he’s staring sadly at the empty seat. And then a beautiful woman walks up and is like, “Can I sit there?” and he goes, “Sure!”

    Ooh, it’s on RIGHT NOW!

    I like that he was obviously a good enough sport to film it before just on the off chance he lost. Very amusing. 🙂

  3. I just saw it! he seems like such a nice guy….

  4. I just love the “boink!” noise when it hits him on the head.

    Awww, the minger just lost.

  5. sounds hilarious!!

  6. …so someone told me i should work as mr. roddicks double for when he wants to avoid his fans. i’ll do that when he starts being my double and closing the coffeeshop for me on saturday nights. hi sis!

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