Help! Any artists in the house?

Help! Any artists in the house? We’re playing around with ideas for the wedding reception cake, and we’d like to get a nice cartoon of Elvis to put on there. Nothing complicated; just some stylized line art of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Google Image Search is turning up nothing. Anybody interested? Alternatively, does anybody have a good picture of Viva Las Vegas-era Elvis – like from a book – that they could high-res scan for us?

Later: Nevermind! We went with one of these instead.


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  1. I have the video if that will help. (Viva Las Vegas that is…) You guys got a capture card? I can bring it tomorrow.

  2. Awesome! Snooky thinks the quality might not be good enough from video, though. Could you bring it so we can give a try?

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