Pull your dacks up!

From the ABC: “Pull your dacks up – or face $50 fine!” Hahahaha! I hope this will mean the end of the atrocious wave of women with triangles of G-string appearing above the waistband of their pants…


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  1. While I can understand the sentiment, as a former Virginian, I’m a little annoyed that the state legistature is wasting its time on this. I would think there are a few more pressing issues to deal with.

  2. so will girls have to hide their bra straps under tank tops too?

  3. You’re not making a veiled comment about my DeskCam picture, ARE YOU? (Heh. I look like such a drugged-out skank in that photo. That’s what comes of staying up til 10 and then asking the Snook to fix something technical for me…)

  4. no way dude, I have couch cam on! Now I’m going to have to go look at the ‘pooter cam…..I’ll be back….

  5. Okay, ‘pooter cam made me laugh A LOT.

  6. Buh. I hate having to play this card, but this is so totally a case of discrimination. Yeah, it’s lame to have your thong hanging out, and I’ve always wondered how some of those young black men could walk, let alone keep their pants from falling down completely, but seriously, people, let’s think about this. Do you really want your gov’t to tell you what you can wear and how? And like Tricia said, it’s a total waste of the legislature’s time and taxpayer’s money. I can’t believe people are taking this seriously.

    Let’s just all wear Burqas! That way no one will be offended by anything!

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