An Interview with an Australian Subject

Me: Snookums, does Prince Charles’s marriage prompt you to reconsider who you want for your head of state?
Snookums: No.
Me: Why not?
Snookums: Because I don’t think that the issue is anything to do with peopleThis person or that person…
Me: Continue…
Snookums: Huh? I said my piece.
Me: I don’t get it. Explain.
Snookums: It shouldn’t make a difference, this person or that person.
Me: You mean, whether or not you’re a republic shouldn’t depend on whether whoever’s King is a really nice guy?
Snookums: Exactly. It shouldn’t be a cult of personality. That’s exactly the type of thing we’re trying to avoid with all this debate about what kind of a republic we should be. It shouldn’t be about this person or that person…
Me: You said that three times. So, do I take this to mean that we’re a republican household?
Me: Oy! So are we republicans? Because I think I like being a socialist expatriate snob.
Snookums: Huh? Sorry, what? I’m watching some funny shit I downloaded.