Charles and Camilla to Wed

Me: No. Way. Dude! Charles and Camilla are gettin’ hitched!
Snook: Nuh-uh.
Me: And check it out: He’s going to spend his last few weeks as a single man in Australia! You guys should totally take him to that ***** bar you guys when to for your Bucks Night.
Snook: Yeah, we should just be like, “Yo! Charlie! Bucks Night. We’re gonna show you how we do it Down Here…”

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  1. I just imagined Snook wearing a ski cap and jeans hanging down to past his butt with his boxers sticking out, throwing gang signs. Hah.

  2. He actually has a Wu-Tang shirt, you know. His Mom bought it for him at Goodwill as a joke “post-wedding” outfit. (I got a leopard print mini-dress.) He keeps threatening to wear it but I won’t let him. The shirt, I mean; not the dress. 🙂

  3. you HAVE to get a pic of that. we would all be thankful. =)

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