Judging by the Dooce-Trolling Metric, I’m getting pretty damn famous!
Yeah, I’m still being trolled. Look, folks, for the record, my parents didn’t bankroll my Notre Dame education so I could “peddle yarn” for a living. They didn’t bankroll anything. Ask ’em. I was valedictorian and got a decent size scholarship; I worked full-time jobs every summer and parti-time throughout the year; and I went into debt up to my eyeballs. Every single loan was in my name. (Actually one was co-signed by my aunt – since my parents couldn’t – but I paid that one off in full with my first Christmas bonus in London.) There were times when I didn’t get my grades on time because I was still waiting for the tuition checks to clear. I still owe about thirty grand, and I’m currently paying that off in a country where the exchange rate is really, really shitty. (Getting better, but still shitty.) So call me an expat snob if you must, but a freeloader I am not. And what kind of jerk demeans somebody else’s job and snottily insinuates that they didn’t earn their position in life? I’m just stunned that there are people so petty and vindictive.

Says the Snook, “Tell him to come to Australia. We have beautiful sandy beaches… with lots of sharks… who have a taste for troll.”


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  1. F that guy and his unfounded judgemental bullshite. Oh, by the way, did you see that ND now costs nearly 40K a year? It’s sad to think that if we were currently high school seniors, a lot of us wouldn’t be able to afford it, even with finacial aid.

  2. *stands up, whistles and claps loudly* you go on with your bad self!

    People think that if they read your blog that they ‘know’ you. Bullshit! They only know one tiny little itty bitty sliver. So whoever thinks they can judge someone by what they post in a blog is just an idiot. That guy can get stuffed.

  3. WTF is wrong with people? Hell, I worked my way through two undergrads (one from Columbia which is considered one of the “Ivy League” schools) and a *Law* Degree, and for the past six months I’ve been working as a cashier in a grocery store where most of my co-workers are literally less than half my age.
    I found a professional job, finally, last week. But it wasn’t easy and it took time. I love these idiots that think a degree automatically translates into instantly getting a good job at any time. Such people need to buy a ticket back to the real world. And there’s no shame in doing an honest day’s work, no matter what your job is. What’s wrong with doing something you enjoy and find interesting as you search for something in your field?
    I’m damn proud I spent a few months “peddling natural foods” and bringing in some income while I searched for a job, rather than just leeching off my wife. I’ve supported myself full time since I was 16. I really wonder what world people live in sometimes.

  4. Congratulations, Charles! And thanks, you guys, for backing me up. I know I shouldn’t even dignify such trollish crap with a response, but it gets to me. I’m sure that’s the reaction the jerk wanted. (Fortunately I figured out how to block his home connection from accessing the site, so *fingers crossed* he can’t even see this anymore.)


    At least you’re doing something that makes you happy. If “peddling yarn” is that something, more power to you.

    For some reason, I get the feeling that some of your past trolls know you (in RL) in some capacity. Old school chums?

    In any case, fuck ’em. We’ve got your back. 🙂

  6. Your troll seems to have personal issues that he’s taken out on you. So sad. I love Snook’s response.

    It’s great that you’re doing what makes you happy.

    On the bright side, this experience will be great emotional practice for the build-up to your next college reunion. I am quite happy and secure with my life and the choices that I’ve made, but all of those “after school, I went to Presigious Business School and then built my wildly successful business with my perfect husband” or “then I went into the Peace Corps, followed by Prestigious Law School, and now balance my pro bono work with my duties as a mom” messages before my 10 year reunion kinda got to me. Six figure salaries and multiple name-brand degrees do not mean success or happiness.

    Whew; guess I’m now taking my personal issues out on you, too. (But I’ll sign my name). 😉

  7. Nah, I don’t think this particular troll knows me, but it’s hard to tell since he’s not brave enough to use his name online. He did go to my university though, which is disheartening. I guess he thinks that gives him the right to pass judgment. Whatever.

    And Tricia, I guess that’s why it got to me a little bit. I love what I’m doing here – selling beautiful things and helping people learn skills and creativity – but it doesn’t exactly look good “on paper”. I just hope this jerk isn’t representative of the rest of my generation.

  8. The older I get, the more I understand that life is all about finding the important things. The relationships that fill our lives with love and acceptance, the challanges that keep us learning and growing, the small things that make us smile, the stupid things that make us laugh and being able to laugh at ourselves. I know many “successfull” and wealthy people who are actually very unhappy and miserable. People who never really found out who they are or what it is that really gives them happiness and peace. I’m proud of you for having the courage to see things from your own perspective.

  9. Yeah what she said. Oh and if the idiot wants to know the truth have them ask me, I can set the record straight. I only wish I had been able to bankroll your education, and I am as proud as anyone has a right to be that all 3 of my kids graduated from college, provided your brother dosent do anything stupid.

  10. Kris, everybody’s dream is to do something for a living that makes them happy. Not many people achieve that. I say kudos to you!

  11. I only hope I am able to bank roll your cousin’s education at Notre Dame and I will be a proud Mom IF and only IF she is happy with whatever she ends up doing.
    I love you Babe. You go girl.

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