After curry, three glasses of wine, and the latest episode of The O.C.

Me: …So, I thought that the accepted psychological basis for heterosexual man’s preoccupation with lesbianism was that they got to watch naked women without the presence of a man to make them feel all gay and stuff.
Snook: Nahhh, for me it’s just because there’s twice as much boobies.
Me: [after shooting wine through my nose] Dude! Can I put that on my website?
Him: Whatever…


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  1. Hmmmmmm….. booobies….

  2. Mmmmmmmm….. boobies…

  3. Rod, you’ve got serious cahoney’s to say that to my sister…I think I love you…

  4. twice the boobies ™ should be a slogan.

  5. Except in the sad case of the O.C. lesbians, who have very little in the way of boobies and way too much in the way of skeletal collarbones…

  6. I don’t get the Mischa appeal myself. She’s got this 18-going on 40-going on 25 thing going on which I find especially unattractive and slightly disturbing.

  7. yeah, it’s really about the boobies . . .

  8. i hat misha that is all i can say

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