RSVP, please. I know it’s redundant.

Busy, busy, busy, work work work. Remind me to tell you about my new (non-) favorite customer sometime soon, the one I have dubbed “Titsiana Booberini.” *shudder* Oh, and a final plea for RSVPs from the reception invitees. If you don’t come to the party, you don’t get to see the way cool photo album I’ve been slaving over…

Yeah, okay, that was a lame bribe. How about free beer?


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  1. ooh — I want to see the way cool photo album too, but unfortunately can’t make it to Sydney in time… (like, in the next year or two…) will you be posting anything?
    (and can’t wait to hear about your new customer…)

  2. Apparently the venue has an Internet hookup, so we’re hoping to have BarCam going live from the party. Should be fun. Hey, e-mail me your address over there. We had a bunch of postcards printed up as the invitation and we’ve got tons left over. We’d love to send one to you and all the old Netdeciders. (We’re going to have at least one – the Dove – present at the party, with a few others as possibilities…)

  3. I’ll be coming down to Oz this coming Christmas so I hope you’ll be about.

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