Oscar Contest

Just looking at the Oscar Contest predictions and, man, there are clear-cut favorites in every single category. I hope there’s at least one upset or we’re going to end up in a massive tie. As with last year, I need a couple volunteers to count the dead people in the tribute montage for me. (It won’t air here til a few hours later.) The good news is that I’ve got Monday off so I’ll be sitting on the computer watching the results come in and updating everyone’s scores.


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  1. I can help. During what part of the show do they usually run that? Half way?

  2. Not sure, as I didn’t see it last year. Anybody? It occurs to me that folks with a TiVo might be the way to go here…

  3. Oh, I was just curious…I’ll definitely record it, with my trusty VCR (you can stop laughing now). Of course if some cool people (those with TiVo) volunteer then that’s fine too.

  4. Awww, I didn’t mean to imply the TiVo-less were uncool! I still think you and your old school VCR rock. 🙂

    And thanks for the offer. Anybody else? I like to have a couple different counts just to make sure we get it right.

  5. I would be willing as well, I also only have the old school VCR, however, if that is okay.

  6. Sweet. If I recall correctly, last year we had some discrepancy regarding whether the separate tributes to Hepburn and Hope counted. They didn’t. Just count the ones when they do the montage of everybody, not any separate ones. Thanks guys!

  7. No problem. Is it usually about in the middle of the broadcast?

  8. That’s what I’m thinking Frances.
    Thanks Kris! It was really hard to admit that I don’t have TiVo. I thought I was the last person on the planet to still use a VCR! So how should we report the final count? Do you want us to just post it here or send you an email?

  9. Either way, whatever’s easier. I’ll be here checking the winners list obsessively, so I’ll get it within seconds regardless!

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