The reception was a smashing success….


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  1. What a great picture!

  2. My thoughts exactly. It looks so professional! And you two look fabulous. 🙂

  3. you both look great- congratulations again!

  4. Credit goes entirely to Rob, who has an amazing camera and definitely knows how to use it. (And the largest camera lens I’ve seen outside of Austin Powers movies.) He took about 200 shots in total for us so expect some more good ones once I get the CD from him…

  5. aww, you’re so happs! love to you guys…

  6. You both look great! Definitely putting Mary and Frederick to shame!

  7. What a great candid shot. Post those pics soon!

  8. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve loaded a dozen shots onto flickr and if that link doesn’t work, you can get there via my photoblog

  9. Aren’t you too adorable? I was totally going to make the Mary and Frederick comparison, cus the shot is so paparazzi and sharp!

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