Wedding Album

Wedding AlbumWedding Album
A few weeks ago, Amy suggested that we put together a photo album to show our guests at the reception. With this, my inner scrapbooking demon was unleashed. The results are now online for your to check out. I’m just happy that I managed to resist the urge to add stickers.

Note to the parents: I regret that I didn’t have any good pictures of us with Joey, Colfax, or Josh to include. We need to get some of those! I’ve got plenty of space to add them in later.


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  1. Thanks for that.

  2. I’m all weepy now. Damn you and your photogenic cuteness! My two favorite were the one in the white bathrobes and the very last photo.

  3. My sister took that last one in my Mom’s front yard a few years ago. The light was just perfect; I love it. The bathrobes one is really good too, considering it was taken with the timer and the camera just propped up on the dresser at the hotel!

  4. Holy shit…The “teen years” snook looks exactly like Eric from that 70s show….awesome

  5. these are super cute. yay for you guys!

  6. Aaauugh. That’s really nice. You guys look so happy in all your pictures; it’s easy to see how great you are together.

  7. Antny, Amy said the exact same thing! Me, I don’t see it. 🙂

  8. Fantastic! Tell Rod he has started a whole new fashion style. Josh has totally taken his Vegas look for formal attire and now all the other guys are sporting the same.

  9. I agree with Lindsey about her two favorites. I like the same two! very nice.

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