Man, I could so use an eye massage.

Eye Massager with USB Port. *blink, blink* Huh, whuuuuut? (Or maybe that should be *wink wink*?) (Link courtesy of John, who seems to have a much less dirty mind than I do.)


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  1. Teehee…much less.

  2. Its 12:39 and I think I just woke everyone up from the laughing. Thats so wack!

    I love the guestbook tutorial too- thanks heaps!

  3. Much as I’d like to claim that I was simply trying to avoid lowering the tone on my weblog with that entry, I have to admit that it just didn’t occur to me that it might be an … um … dual-use device.

  4. I think anything that vibrates you have to assume is a “dual-use device”. People are weird. The Snook sent me a link a while ago from some gaming website where a guy discovered a weird Japanese puzzle game that came with a dongle of sorts that vibrated as your progressed through the levels of the game. Needless to say, he discovered it was the perfect way to get his girlfriend to sanction his videogame playing. (I didn’t link to it here because it’s got a couple pictures that are a bit, uh, Not Safe For Work. I’ll see if I can find it and e-mail it to you.)

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